Mobile Device Management

We manage all your mobile phone needs.

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What we do

  • Protect your Mobile Devices to comply with GDPR
  • Ensures all information on your Business Mobile Devices is protected to comply with GDPR
  • No loss of important Business Contact Details
  • Minimise Employees down time due to Mobile Phone issues
  • Saves you time as we deal with the Mobile Networks
  • Finds the best Mobile deals to suit your Company

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Mobile Device Management offers the following services efficiently and cost effectively - full assessment of your business requirements, onsite visits, individual end user support, and many more. These services will save you time and money. We have over 14 years experience in the Telecom business and have worked with companies such as Eircom (now Eir), O2 and 3. We have worked with individual clients as well as SMEs. Our mission is to provide you with a personalised solution to best meets the needs of your company. We would be delighted to hear from you, please let us help you boost productivity and save money.

More about us

Our Services

Mobile Device Management offers managed services of mobile devices. Expert services with proactive & efficient support.

Comply with GDPR

Mobile Device Management ensures that all information on every Mobile Device in your business is protected to comply with GDPR.

Setting up new Mobile Devices

Ensuring that your old phone is backed up and all information is brought onto your new device. Guaranteeing that there is no downtime for any employee.

Backup procedures

Ensure current handsets are backed up. If an employee leaves or loses their phone - no loss of important business contacts.


Both one-to-one and group training available on mobile device usage, making sure that each employee is making the most of their smartphones. This training is specifically designed for each Client.

Hardware Recommendations

Mobile Device Management keeps up to date on all handsets being launched in the Irish market.

Bill Analysis

Analyse monthly mobile bill, deal directly with the network if a discrepancy occurs.

Communicate with Networks

It can be time consuming dealing with networks, let Mobile Device Management save you time by dealing directly with the networks.

End-User Support

Email issues, sim replacement, network issues, screen repairs etc. This ensures that the person dealing with all these issues at the moment does not have to deal with them and the time saved can be better utilised by the company.